5 Insane Benefits of Dragon’s Blood in Skincare Products

September 01, 2020

5 Insane Benefits of Dragon’s Blood in Skincare Products

Dragon’s blood is a naturally-occurring plant resin that’s reddish in color with some dark stains, which gives it its name.

The resin gets extracted from numerous tropical trees that are collectively known as the dragon trees. Examples include Croton, Daemonorops, Pterocarpus, and Dracaena.

For thousands of years, the plant resin has been used for different purposes, including medical ones, all across the globe (e.g., ancient Greek, Roman civilization, India, China, the Middle East).

The top 5 benefits of dragon’s blood for athletes and regular gym-goers

1. Dragon's blood prevents and heals ulcers

Dragon’s blood possesses several properties that make it the perfect ingredient to heal all types of ulcers; however, most of the benefits are seen in topical and not internal ulcers.

In a 2015 case study, dragon’s blood was shown to help people with pressure ulcers and bedsores, which are extremely common in a specific group of patients that suffer from paresthesia (loss of sensation).

The specific plant that showcased this benefit was the Daemonorops draco species, which is often the commercial source of dragon’s blood.

In another study, researchers found that dragon’s blood also helps ulcers in diabetic patients that sometimes lead to severe infections, requiring limb amputation.

Overall, the topical use of dragon’s blood-based products can substantially lower your risk of ulcers and aid in the treatment of existing erosions.

However, and despite these optimistic findings, dragon’s blood should not replace the care of a healthcare professional that’s specialized and trained in the field of treating skin pathologies. 

2. Dragon's blood kills microbes

Dragon’s blood is effective against most foreign pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

In a 2011 study, scientists analyzed the chemical properties of Dracaena cinnabari-extracted dragon’s blood to observe its effectiveness against different microbes.

The results showed significant disintegration of all the tested pathogens. This pushed scientists to consider dragon’s blood as a potential food preservative.

Another study tested the antimicrobial effects of dragon’s blood in the lab and found that it’s quite effective at disinfecting surrounding areas.

While the properties of this substance cannot compare to antibiotics, it’s still a great compound to fight germs and prevent the overgrowth of any pathogens, which allows your skin to stay healthy and infection-free.

3. Dragon's blood reduces inflammation 

Inflammation is the number one enemy of the skin as it’s the hallmark of the vast majority of skin issues, wreaking havoc on the epidermis and leading to some truly annoying conditions, such as chafing.

For this reason, you need to know about any potential compounds that have potent anti-inflammatory properties to help your skin and avoid unnecessary rashes.

Dragon’s blood showed impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects when studied in vitro and on laboratory animals.

While the evidence of these effects on human subjects is scarce, many experts consider dragon’s blood an effective antidote for temporary skin inflammation that doesn’t have an autoimmune component.

This may explain why so many people swear by the positive effects of dragon’s blood on their skin when used topically.

4. Dragon's blood reduces the risk of cancer

Researchers linked dragon’s blood to lower the risk of cancer, especially during the early stages.

These effects are thought to be the result of the anti-tumor characteristics of dragon’s blood, originating from its antioxidative properties.

By scavenging the free radicals from your system (even when applied topically), dragon’s blood may reduce the risk of some types of cancer, which was partially proved in a 2012 study.

However, and before recommending dragon’s blood as anti-neoplastic treatment, a lot of research is warranted to ensure the effectiveness and safety of this substance.

5. Dragon's blood treats diarrhea and dysentery

In the previous sections, we only listed the benefits of using dragon’s blood as a topical product; however, our ancestors used this substance for other purposes, including the optimization of digestion to treat diarrhea.

Some researchers believe that the underlying mechanism behind the antidiarrheal effects of dragon’s blood is due to its ability to kill microbes, which restore the symbiosis to the digestive microbiota and eradicate opportunistic pathogens that try to take over the other harmless microbes.

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Take-home message

Dragon’s blood is a fantastic substance that possesses a ton of health-optimizing properties, including its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antitumor, and antidiarrheal effects.

Now you know why we love the hell out of dragon’s blood and use it pretty much for everything.